How It Works

How It Works?

At Cribsters, we make it a point to ensure that each and every parent gets worthwhile results against their daycare related queries and searches. We are proud of the fact that we have been referred to and trusted by 1 million+ parents till date. It puts a smile on our team’s face as the numbers keep increasing by the day.

Committed to offer support services to parents looking for reliable and trustworthy daycare centers for their little ones, we are our own competition as we try to better our service points and functionalities, on an ongoing basis.

The best part – the services are all free and run by the latest technology making it readily available on your fingertips round-the-clock!

1.Ease of use

Our functionalities to the distinguished parent community:
Cribsters provides swift search facility. You simply have to enter the parameter that you are searching with and will instantly have an elaborate list on your screen. You can search by varying parameters –

  • Zip code - wise
  • Distance-wise – look for daycare within 10 – 12 miles instantly
  • City-wise
  • State-wise

We aim to provide an extensive and exhaustive list as is possible to parents arriving at our site. At present, we have covered more than 200,000+ daycare centers, pre-schools, and summer programs in the country, and we are in the process of enlisting more. And it is our earnest promise that we will cover the entire country, every city, town and even the remotest parts of the country very soon.

2. Authentic, validated, and trusted listings

Believe us, when we say that we have learned from our experiences. We have experienced it ourselves upfront the pain of dilly-dallying between daycare centers – unsure about their services. Not ones to compromise on quality, we, as parents, have run from one end of the city to another, knocking on doors, visiting premises, speaking to counselors and heads just to be sure that we are making the right choice for our kids.

We surely do not wish you to go through such an experience. Which is why we have designed and curated this website – just for you to facilitate you. lists only qualified and licensed daycare centers and pre-schools. We, on our part, would never show a center that is not registered legally as also not personally verified by our team.

3. We are growing fast

Yes. This is true and we are extremely grateful to the parent community who trust our listings and our recommendations. Literally growing by the day, we aim to cover the entire country – even the smallest towns and villages including remote parts by the end of this year. Though, of course, we are not in a hurry because we give each listing the requisite time to verify and authenticate the service provider before making it a part of our directory.

4. Honest and from-the-heart reviews from parents

This platform is not only for parents but also by the parents. Parent who have interacted with different centers through our platform never forget to leave by their experiences on the site – because every parent who visits became a part of our parent community. The spirit is to help each other by sharing experiences and reviews on the site.

5. Growing parent community

A feat that is extremely motivating – about a million and more parents have gained from in the last few years of our existence. And, we are quite young. We are very positive that very soon we will cross the 2 billion mark. This increased confidence and trust in our platform is

very encouraging and we cannot thank our patrons enough for this! Since our work is for better decision-making, we carry regular blogs on childcare from experts and specialists. There are tips, recommendations and advices, insights shared by parents and child care experts pertaining to different topics on kids and child care to help make your journey of parenthood easy and simple.